Our Services

Drain 1 Plumbing is focused on keeping your drains, sinks and toilets freely flowing, by providing the best clogged drain Toronto service. 

Our professional basement waterproofing in Toronto technicians are well trained and knowledgeable, with all the right answers to your every need. 

Drain’s 1 residential & commercial plumbers in Toronto are fully capable of handling small to large scale projects with a proven track record of optimal results.

Detecting plumbing issues is critical to buying new property. Protect your investment by taking advantage of Drain 1 plumbing inspection in Toronto team.

Are you thinking for a new construction in Toronto or GTA? Drain 1 has a great reputation in the plumbing industry, while having more than 35 years of experience.

Plumbers during 1990s and early 2000s used kitec plumbing extensively in the residential construction. Drain 1 is well versed in working with these systems.

Tree roots are the bane of any water line system by busting through buried pipes. Drain 1 offers professional tree roots removal in Toronto for many years now! 

Providing the best drain camera inspection Toronto services, we can pinpoint the exact location of any leak, crack, or clog using a  SeeSnake camera.

Local topography and construction often impede the flow of water. To rectify this you’ll need a backwater valve installation Toronto expert. Here is where Drain 1 comes in!

Contact Drain1 to remove waste and greywater from your home and property, help your sewer line protect the water quality and health of your family. 

Sump pump is a useful device that helps protect your basement from floods. Drain 1 offers top sump pump services, keeping basements dry for many years now!

Water line is the most important component of any plumbing system. Our team has a great reputation because of our high quality of service and great rates.

Underpinning is the process of improving the foundation of an existing building Drain 1 Plumbing is the best underpinning contractor in Toronto.