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Camera Inspection


Providing better inspection capabilities than at any time in plumbing history, snaking camera scopes. The snaking camera scopes allow homeowners the convenience of knowing exactly where an issue lies and how serious or extensive it is. It prevents the need for return services, so you don’t have to call us mutiple times. Video inspections of your drains also keep plumbing repair costs to a minimum. Providing the best drain camera inspection Toronto services, we can pinpoint the exact location of any leak, crack, or clog. This is because the seesnake camera inspection allows us the ability to correctly choose the right course of action, and keeping messes. Also, it helps with confusion and the costs . So many customers have trusted us to make camera inspections.

Therefore, they were able to prevent big future damages, by fixing plumbing on time. We provide both the appropriate technology and the well-trained staff required for services like camera inspection. We offer our services always the highest quality, with the best rates in the market.

drain camera inspection


Using infrared lighting and attached to a snaking sewer cable, each rigid seesnake camera is able to illuminate the interior of any drain or sewer line, giving our plumbers a comprehensive view of exactly what’s happening within the pipes.


  • The location of a break in the drain
  • The severity of a break or crack
  • The overall condition of the line
  • Areas of material corrosion
  • The presence of tree roots
  • The presence of blockages

In conclusion, you can discover the benefits of video drain inspection by scheduling your next plumbing repair or service with Drain 1. Our experience is a guaranteed factor for the best possible result. With a focus on ensuring complete customer satisfaction, we are the preferred plumbers of Toronto and its surrounding areas.

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