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Tree Root Issues


Tree roots are the bane of any drain or water line system. They have always presented a problem with underground plumbing. Busting through buried pipes, tree roots have actually been the cause of thousands of miles of damaged pipes and drains all throughout Toronto. Drain 1 offers professionally tree roots removal in Toronto for many years now! If you have noticed any problem regarding your underground plumbing system, do not hesitate. Contact Drain 1 today for a free estimate. We will make sure your tree roots are removed with your plumbing good as new.

tree roots removal in Toronto


Drain 1 handles this issue with expert care, and has years of experience in removing roots and effectively repairing the damage they leave behind. Moreover, understanding the differing types of pipe and drain materials, including vulnerable clay pipes. We engineered a plan to remove roots and replace D while striving to ensure that your tree’s roots are less likely to invade your replacement pipes again. The use of PVC SDR drain lines allows us to guarantee our workmanship while ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Because the exact location, root size, and level of proliferation are practically impossible to determine without video drain inspection, the removal of tree roots as a DIY project is not recommended. In addition, chemical solutions can damage drain linings and are not as effective as advertised. Furthermore, an auger in the hands of an amateur can be a messy and dangerous undertaking.

In conclusion, leave the rooting and snaking of tree roots to the professionals at Drain 1. We offer free estimates, same day service, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our services are always in the highest possible quality and at the best rates of the market. Contact us now to discover the difference between us and our competitors.

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