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In general, we can define underpinning as the process of improving the foundation of an existing building. It may be necessary in cases that a natural disaster like an earthquake has forced the structure to move. It could also be maybe the original foundation is not strong enough. Drain 1 Plumbing is the best underpinning Toronto contractor for you.

Underpinning work is essential if you own an older home in Toronto or any other GTA area. If you are looking for the best experts for safe and efficient underpinning,  our professional and certified plumbers have years of experience. Also, we are able to deliver the best possible result. We want to make sure that we are providing the best possible service to you.

The process of basement deepening can improve homes in Toronto and Mississauga with no basements or with inadequate basements. In most cases, basement deepening should be accompanied by foundation underpinning. This helps assure that your home remains solid and stable.

Moreover, older homes in Toronto were often built with inadequate footings, or without proper drainage around the foundation. Changes to surrounding topography have created damages to others. This has caused a change in water flow, either on or beneath the surface. Furthermore, some homes have had to improperly dig basements installed. It happened after the original construction was complete. In each of these cases, the foundation damage is highly probable.

How Underpinning Takes Places

underpinning torontoUnderpinning is a process of reinforcing the foundation. In many cases, jacking the house back up into proper alignment. It usually involves excavating to a greater depth, so we can install new footers or other type support structures. The process gives new life to what may otherwise be an unstable structure.

In conclusion, you got to check if your Toronto/ GTA home has a cracked foundation, leaking basement or noticeable sags. If your home has one of the issues, you probably need to have the basement/foundation underpinned.

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