Sewer Shiny

Awaking in the morning and hearing that the house has a sewer backup is the probably one of the worst things to hear.  You can hear your toilets are overflowing. Also, the water is not draining down the sink, and your children are screaming all around the house. No one should have to go through this. Yet, the best way to fix this issue is to have avoided it from the very beginning. Here at Drain1, we understand this pain more than anyone else. We have many customers call in to our Drain 1 Toronto location asking for help. However, we also know that it is best to prevent them before they begin. We will take you through signs that will help you spot them before they begin!

Sign of Sewer Backup #1

The first and usual indicator that your house is about to have one's if there are more than one drain having issues draining. Remember, it has be more than one, since a single drain getting clogged happens occasionally. It can be fixed easily too. If the drains that are getting clogged are ones that you do not use frequently, then it is a much bigger warning, and something that requires dire attention.

Sign of Sewer Backup #2

Everyone likes bubbles. Kids, adults, and even grandparents can find enjoyment in them. However, if you see them popping out of your toilet, or any other area which has a drain, it isn’t anything good. The bubbles are coming from the air bubbles that are getting trapped when water trying to get past a clog. The best way to determine if this is a one-off event, just collect several gallons of water and flush it down the drain.

Sign of Sewer Backup #3

Say you flush your toilet, but then hear the water gurgling as it flows down a drain perhaps under your shower. Sure, it sounds creepy, however it hints at a greater threat, which is a clog existing in your plumbing. When the water is flushed down the toilet, since there is a clog, it is seeking another way of getting past it. Hence the reason you hear water gurgling in other drains.

These 3 signs will be enough to spot a sewer backup happening in your house early on. However, if you have questions, or any comments on what we said, please contact us at our Drain 1 Toronto location!

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