Things to Avoid Throwing in the Kitchen Drain

When it comes to your kitchen drain, there are things that we naturally put into it, so it can flow away. However, like anything else in life, overdoing it can cause problems. There are things that we need to avoid putting down the drain unless you want problems to pop up down the line. Here are some of the stuff you should completely avoid tossing down the drain!

Your Left-over Vegetables

The vegetables you or children are unable to finish eating should end up in the trash, not the sink. The drains are built to handle many things, but not vegetables. Items like carrot peels, potato skins, and other pieces of vegetables will not flush well. Sure, you can use the ingredients to make a tasty dish, but they should not be in your drain. 

Meat Bones

Much like the previous item, bones have no place being in your kitchen drain. They are meant to be in the garbage disposal, not stuck in your drain. The bones aren’t just one flat piece but have protruding pieces on it, which means that it can latch on to other items flushed down the drain, potentially causing a blockage. If you have a garbage disposal, the bones will not be processed. The garbage disposal will give out a loud grinding sound, to let you know you made a mistake. So always separate the bones, and dispose of them properly.

Other Debris & Garbage

There are many other sorts of garbage that needs to dispose of properly. One of the more particular ones is coffee grounds, which can cause major headaches for you. The problem with coffee grounds is that it can cause the garbage disposal in your kitchen drain to break down, so unless you want to be paying for replacements, be careful with what you do with left-over coffee grounds. 

Fats & Other Oil Substances

One of the biggest offenders in fats, grease, and oil, stuff that many pour down the drain without a second thought. When they are still hot, they flow well due to them being in liquid form and honestly isn’t a problem. However, heat dissipates, and that liquid will become colder over time. Once it cools off, it will solidify and form a block in your pipes and will be far from your reach. What you should be doing instead if collecting them in a separate container, let them cool down and dispose of them properly. Doing this will free you from headaches in the future

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