Drain 1 Plumbing is focused on keeping your sinks and toilets freely flowing.  For a lot of years now we are providing the best Toronto drain services. Drains are an obviously important aspect of your home’s plumbing system. Over time, however, obstructions can create messy backups throughout your house and cause issues within pipes that may go unnoticed until costly repairs are required. That’s just about the last thing you want!

As your local source of plumbing and drain cleaner services, we provide emergency clogged drain repair and cleaning that is guaranteed to restore optimal function of all of your drains. And keep in mind the advice we always provide our customers with; deal with a plumbing problem in a timely manner! Postponing the problem will create more costs and bigger damages.

Drain’s 1 team have faced over the years all kind of plumbing problems. This has give us the appropriate experience and knowledge to deliver the best possible result when dealing with your plumbing system. Below you will find a brief list of our services. For complete list visit our services page.


  • Sewer and pipe camera scoping
  • Drain layout and locating
  • Drain replacement
  • Trenchless drain repair and replacement
  • House and building trap removal

Finally, when you hire us, you get a 25-year warranty on underground drain replacement. We ensure both complete satisfaction and long-term peace of mind. Discover the difference that hiring the best in the business can make by scheduling your free estimate with Drain 1 now. We promise a prompt and courteous response to all of your plumbing needs and questions. When you contact our 24/7 service, a plumber team will be at your place as soon as possible to deal with your plumbing issue.

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